Petro Ziste Alborz Company established in 2012 and started manufacturing activity with the aim of innovation , employment , production different types of oil and industrial oils and different types of Hydrocarbons , import and export the petroleum products and oils in the national and international levels .


This company is located in 20Km Buin Zahra Road , in an area of 40,000 square meter and 120.000 MT storage capacity of raw materials . The companys policies are producing high quality products with advanced technology and product compatibility with enviroment .


This company could gain special credence to consumers and industry observer organization with by using these policies . As a result our products both in Iran consumers and in Persian Gulf Countries consumers are faced with a public reception .

Company Units

Hydrocarbon Production

Hydrocarbons resulting from blending are only a brand which are divided into two 1- light hydrocarbons: Light Hydrocarbons produced of flammable materials such as light cutting nafta or gas condensate and butyl acetate with octane number near petrol. 2- Heavy Hydrocarbons: Heavy Hydrocarbons produced by combination of materials that have flash point above 40◦C such as solvents 400 , rafinet with industrial oils . Petro Ziste Alborz Blending Line : Firstly the raw materials ( Non-flammable solvents , raffinate , Iso-Recycle , HAB , … ) discharge into the 300,000 liter tanks from different refineries by tankers . In the next step , the required oil from the production line injects into the blending tanks according to the prepared formula in the lab by transition lines .after that the materials inside the tanks completely combine by special pumps for circulation .after the quality control and after loading permits issued , the material load to the tankers via loading line . tankers which are loaded send to the specified destination after the final control .

Light solvents refinery

In this refinery, the combination of gasoline and heavy nafta that have not been properly separated in traditional distillation units or gad condensate of gas wells has been refined to produce gasoline with higher octane number , solvents , kerosene , heavy jet fuel , light jet fuel and gasoil .

Heavy solvents refinery

In this refinery, the combination of “gas oil and kerosene” or combination of “gas oil and oil” that have not been properly separated in traditional distillation units or heavy gas condensate of gas wells are used as feed for preparing kerosene , heavy jet fuel , gas oil and feed for hydrocracking unit and fuel oil units and different types of asphalt.

Base Oil Production

Definition of recycling and second refined oil has been changed over the years . in the past , the purpose of recycling used oil could be many things . At first oils were used as fuel through the filtering . In this way , the contaminants were not removed and this oil used generally as fuel . The second purification process developed over the years that led to the remove all impurities and produce oil as fresh base oil . This second refined base oil is same as or even better than virgin oil that is produced from crude oil and suitable to use for cars . Second refining process of oil is much shorter than refining crude oil and it needs less energy .

The production capacity(Tone) of the indirect flame atmospheric distillation tower
66 +

In one shift

231 +

In one day(3shifts)

69300 +

each tower/year

217800 +

both towers/year

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